Hear What Others Have to Say

Some of these are from Colorado, others are reviews of Feral Fitness, a gym I owned in Upstate New York.

I learned more in our 3 hour session than my many months of youtube and reading. I rarely meet people so competent in their given profession and have spent this morning reviewing what you had identified as wrong and relating it back to the SS materials to reinforce our work yesterday. Thank you again for your time with me.

Jim Balkwill

I have worked as a physical therapist in neuro-rehab for 28 years. My work is physically demanding, mentally challenging and profoundly rewarding. At the age of 55 I began to think seriously about how I could continue to work at such a high level of physicality and avoid over-use, imbalanced wear and tear on my body. I've always dedicated time to maintaining my health and clearly have the knowledge base to do so. I felt I needed objective, coherent, professional trainers or coaches to ensure I was moving efficiently and safely as I moved toward the strength outcomes I desired.
I found this and so much more. Excitedly I started to learn about the Starting Strength methodology of using barbells and the basic principles of physics to efficiently engage in neuromotor patterns of movement using groups of muscles efficiently with the objective of gaining strength. These weren't new concepts for me nor is the concept of the human structure adapting to the imposed demands of the environment. In this instance the adaptation is improved strength relative to added weight.
None of these concepts could meld together into the training objectives I sought without the guidance of the gentleman I noted above. These guys aren't sitting behind a desk with their concepts they are out on the gym floor coaching with such precision they'll point out that your weight shifted forward three inches, your hips are too flexed or they'll correct your grip. And when you NAIL IT they genuinely encourage your advancement along the objective linear progression of added weight. Everything at Feral Fitness whether barbell training, conditioning, handstands, chin ups or body weight gymnastics is taught using a step by step progression of foundational skills.
The Starting Strength program is based upon hundreds of hours of gym training and the Starting Strength credential is rigorous. Frankly, the fitness industry is filled with poorly trained personnel and unsubstantiated programs touting quick fixes. This is why I have NEVER joined a gym.
The human structure is meant to move through the environment with efficiency and purpose whether that is athletics, carrying in the groceries, climbing the stairs or hanging tough at the work place. If your head works like mine and you like the challenge of mastering precision in movement while being able to quantitatively progress this is the place for of a nice group of people in a non-competitive setting then JOIN US!

Pam Duel, Physical Therapist, Age 55

I can confidently infer causation from the direct correlation between the number of squats I do with Jayson and the number of free shots I'm offered in a given night downtown.

Kelsey Kelly, Age 23

Both Jayson and Noah are exceptional teachers and people. I love the atmosphere and culture they've created.

Justin Wolfer, Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner, Age 34